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Welcome to St Mirren Youth Football Club...


Health & Safety at Jenny's Well


The Executive would like to remind all Coaches, helpers, parents & volunteers that your prime concern should be the Health & Safety of our young football players.


You are reminded that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the yellow traffic cones MUST be out before a coaching session begin.


If Coaches do not comply, then the Squad(s) concerned will be invited to leave Jenny's Well immediately.


You will be cautionary suspended from the playing field until a disciplinary meeting is arranged or until the next Club Meeting.


The Executive would also remind all Coaches/Squads NOT to coach on lined pitches.


Coaches are also reminded that NO goals are to be used, due to the anchor pins continually being 'lost'- we cannot allow you to put the Health & Safety of our young players at risk.




As part of out ongoing quality control, the Club are looking to recruit players, as well as volunteer coaches, squad secretaries, first aiders and protection officers for teams for players born in the following years...  

...2003 to 2009


for expressions of interest and more information please contact: